Roadtrip around the Baltic Sea:

Wall 1 – Snosatra

During our parental time, my girlfriend and I bought a roof tent and went around the Baltic Sea with our one-year-old daughter. For 14 weeks, the three of us lived in and around our car and the tent on the roof.

Of course I didn’t miss the opportunity to paint a few walls along the way. Here are a few impressions.


As the road stretched ahead on our road trip, we stumbled upon an unexpected gem: an invitation to the Springbeast Festival in Snosatra Helsinki. It was one of those spontaneous detours that add an extra layer of excitement to any journey. So we decided to make a stop and stay for the festival and paint a wall.

I decided to paint one of my trash kids, anti-heroes with cardboard boxes or trashbacks with cut out faces instead of cool masks like any superhero would wear. The trash kids don’t save the day. They leave chaos behind. Perhaps these trash kids are a reflection of the graffiti artists who, in the general public’s opinion, bring chaos and destruction but if you look closer, you find out, that they actually create something beautiful.