Roadtrip around the baltic sea:

Wall 3

During our parental time, my girlfriend and I bought a roof tent and went around the Baltic Sea with our one-year-old daughter. For 14 weeks, the three of us lived in and around our car and the tent on the roof.

Of course I didn’t miss the opportunity to paint a few walls along the way. Here are a few impressions.

On my Scandinavia tour I had the opportunity to paint two columns for Helsinki Urban Art in the famous street art district “Pasila” in Helsinki. I painted two human hunting trophies as a portrait of my buddy Sayne One from Salzburg. One of the trophies has the antlers of a moose, an animal found throughout Finland and which we encountered many times on our tour, particularly in Lapland.

sunset at one of our Campsites
very evening we pitched our tent on a different lake or stretch of coast.

Snow in June

A good soup cooked on the campfire is the best way to combat the cold.